Quality Assurance method achieves the highest quality required in a software application. We try to eliminate glitches at the initial stage, during the development phase. This process avoids redundancies from testing to fixing the errors and testing again. The testing mechanism is vital for the testing process and helps build an effective application. By systematically following the Quality Assurance software testing life cycle, we provide end-to-end QA error free solutions.

White Box testing

It’s the use of program source code as a test basis for designing test and the test cases. “White box testing” is seized to be identical with “code-based testing”. QA analyst’s team sets the stage with their required input and validates the output to certify for quality.

Black Box testing

Black box testing is known as a functionality of an application testing. It is a software testing method where the internal mechanism are being tested, without inspecting into internal structures. This technique of testing can be applied to every level of software testing: Unit, Integration, System, and Acceptance.

Our testing services include the following functional and non-functional testing:

Test Planning
Regression Testing
Test Automation
Performance Testing
Load Testing
Security Testing